Using F# With Visual Studio Code Part 2

This is a post continuing my previous post about using Visual Studio Code with F#. This week I decided to work on a personal project on my Mac instead of my Windows machine with Visual Studio Code and F#. Looking through some of the features of Visual Studio Code, I noticed that it had integrated Forge as a command in the IDE, so instead of using the command line, I used the plugin. In Mac, you can bring up the command doing the following: CMD + Shift + P and type "New Project":

It then asked for the project type, (I chose console) and the project directory. I put in my path:

The next prompt asked for the project name so I put in "swrhimbot"

Forge finished running I saw the following:

It successfully created my project with both Paket and FAKE!

Then I tried to build my new project with FAKE. Again, Visual Studio Code has a command you can run called "FAKE:Build" -> "Build"

I got this error:

Hmm. It looked like there were some unexpected characters at the end of the Opening the file in the IDE showed nothing, so that must mean that there are carriage returns (\r) since UNIX doesn't use \r. I used this perl command to strip them:
perl -pi -e 's/\r\n|\n|\r/\n/g'

Now re-running FAKE shows this:

It works!